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Reasons to install smart lighting in your home this year

January 23, 2021 5:00 am


Every home needs light, especially now during winter as the days are short. The more natural the light the better, as humans gain so many benefits from access to natural lighting. However, for those long winter nights, be sure to install cutting edge smart lighting. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  1. Remote control

No more getting out of bed to turn on the lights or traipsing across the room to fumble for the light switch in the dark. Imagine the convenience of being able to turn on the lights from your phone or tablet! Clever gadgets include lights that turn on and off from a signal from your phone’s GPS, lighting your path as you move around the house. When installing attractive new lighting, be sure to consider contemporary ceiling roses to match. For  Ceiling Roses, visit https://www.creative-cables.co.uk/2648-ceiling-roses

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  1. Home security

You can set up your lights to illuminate when a sensor detects motion. This is incredibly useful for homeowners who require some additional security outside their properties. This can also work inside the home, for example, lights can be programmed to come on if someone is walking down the hall or around the house.

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  1. Atmosphere

Setting the mood is very important for relaxation and smart lighting provides the opportunity to programme settings for different occasions. Create the perfect ambience for watching TV, enjoying a romantic dinner date or have lights that come on gradually first thing in the morning, for example.


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