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Deciphering party dress codes

April 26, 2021 7:12 pm


We all love a party. What we don’t love is the agonising over what to wear. If you’ve been invited to a party or event with a dress code, you might need some help deciphering what the particular code means. Here is a guide:


Black tie – This is fairly obvious and means a tuxedo.

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White tie – This event will be super formal so men will be expected to wear white shirt, vest, tie and cummerbund.


Formal – This is often the same as black tie but means you can get away with wearing a dark coloured suit and tie instead of a tux, especially if the dress code states black tie optional.


Semi-Formal – This is a major headache as it’s open to too much interpretation. It often infers that a tux is not required but your safest bet is to wear a suit and tie.


Cocktail Wear – Again, a guy can get away with a suit and tie for this type of event. Another good option here would be a Nehru style jacket and shirt with no tie.


Smart Casual – This is another tricky dress code that leaves a wide margin for error. It is similar to business casual and a good rule of thumb is to think that it means no shorts or denim. To deck yourself out in smart casual, see the Mish Mash Menswear range at Louis Boyd

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Casual or Informal – This is the easiest dress code for any event and simply means wear what you’re most comfortable in (within reason and good taste of course!).

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