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Detail. Detail. Detail. Getting the vintage look right

May 7, 2020 2:41 pm


vintage wedding

The vintage look is where it’s at when it comes to weddings. Part of the appeal is that the looks are practicality timeless; however, it is also because vintage weddings are arguably more glamorous, elegant and chic than any modern trend could ever be. While vintage looks are fairly easy to achieve, getting it right does come down to the detail – do something slightly off kilter and the whole look will be jeopardised. Getting all the details right will ensure the whole look of the wedding falls into place.

The holistic approach

A vintage wedding does not start and end at the hairdo. If you choose the 30s or 40s, for example, apply this to every aspect of your look and the decor. A great way to ensure you have it right at every turn is by buying a book about the era that includes details about interiors in addition to hair, makeup and fashion. Whether you are shopping for bridal lingerie, ordering flowers or buying shoes for your bridesmaids, always keep the era in mind. That being said, it is important not to go overboard. Basically, when it comes to the things you need, such as flowers and bridesmaid shoes, always consider the era; however, don’t buy anything unnecessary at the risk of going OTT.

Hair, dress and makeup

Despite it being important to get the whole wedding looking harmonious, your hair, makeup and dress will be vitally important when it comes to getting the vintage look right. Once you have chosen your era, be sure your dress is right by double checking with fashion books and photos of weddings from the era rather than simply accepting what the wedding shop assistant says. It is also worth visiting a vintage wedding fair for ideas.

You can also use popular wedding blogs for vintage wedding ideas, inspiration and guidance. Finally, get your bridal makeup and hair people together and show them the ideas you have collected to make sure you are all singing from the same hymn sheet.

A vintage look at a wedding can be simply fabulous and allows you a certain amount of creativity; however, it is important to get the details right to ensure you end up with a cohesive theme.

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