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What the colour of your clothing says about you

May 13, 2020 1:24 pm


When it comes to looking in your wardrobe are you met with an array of colours or are all your clothes in your Bespoke Fitted wardrobes one colour palette? Most people are aware of the colours that suit their hair colour and skin tone but fewer understand what the colours you wear say about you.

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Often seen as a calming colour, blue also creates a sense of trust and loyalty. It is important to ensure that you uget the tone of the blue right as a darker colour can feel cold and send out a more corporate clinical feeling.


Seen as a colour that symbolises life, health and renewal, green is another colour that promotes calm and harmony. It is also a balancing colour that works well with other neutral tones. Dark green represents wealth and is often a colour choice for those looking for a power suit.

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This sunshine colour is linked with optimism, fun and energy but it can also carry with it the feeling of attention seeking. It is definitely a colour for a social gathering or a party but is not a colour that should be worn in a large amount in an office setting or in a negotiation meeting.

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