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Making a Home Safe and Reducing the Risk of a Fall for Elderly People

December 23, 2020 4:55 am


Protecting the elderly people has been a big priority this year – but staying at home can also pose some dangers that are not coronavirus related. Being at home can also be dangerous and elderly people over the age of 75 are at risk of a big killer in the elderly – falls.

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Elderly people are more likely to have a fall – they often have impaired vision, reduced mobility, and may be suffering from other conditions which make them unsteady on their feet, such as dementia or high blood pressure.

There are a few ways that you can reduce the risk of falls for an older person. One of the best things is to use WAV vehicles like these from https://clarkemobility.com/ when going out and about.

But when it comes to inside the home, there are a number of hazards which you can protect against. There are spot in the home which are more dangerous and therefore are more likely to lead to a fall. Some of these are:

Steps or Stairs

Slippery areas such as the Bathroom

The Kitchen

Places that may be harder to reach

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Some of the things that you can add to the home to minimise these risks are handrails to move around and to help with getting up and sitting down, a stairlift to get up and down steps safely, and mats which reduce the risk of slipping on the wet or shiny floors.

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