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Two Great Coaching Jobs to Get Into in Australian Sports

October 9, 2019 12:57 pm



Coaching jobs are not only very rewarding, but they are the perfect employment for anyone with a passion for sport. In Australia, there are plenty of opportunities for coaching positions of different sorts at various levels. Administration Assistants and Coaches are both popular positions and are ideally suited to those with a specific skill set.

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Administration Assistant

An Administration Assistant is generally an entry-level position and the perfect stepping stone into the world of sports coaching. This position places a strong emphasis on providing generalist administrative support to coaching staff and requires you to be a team player. The role may be offered as an internship or trainee position, so remuneration can differ depending on employment circumstances.

Key skills an employer will look for include computer literacy and a good grasp of basic software, a decent typing speed, IT knowledge, the ability to work unsupervised and strong organisational skills. Whether its organising a training session for football players, setting up a field hockey drill video, or similar related admin tasks, the position calls for someone who is proactive and has sports experience, a diploma, degree or relevant business qualification.


Depending on their designation and the level at which they are coaching, sports coaches may be volunteers or highly paid professionals. The degree of proficiency required will depend on the level at which they are coaching, and they will generally be deemed a specialist in their chosen sport.

Education for sports coaches is considered very important and although they might utilise assistance in creating drills and training programs. They would be considered something of an expert and must have an incredibly broad and in-depth knowledge of the sporting field in which they are working.

Considerable skills are required in order to be a coach as they form the backbone of a team and are crucial to an individual or group’s performance. Coaches play an integral role in the performance of a team or athlete, and formal qualifications are often considered absolutely essential.

Senior and junior coaches should have participated in the sport they are coaching, and they must have studied it extensively and completed a degree or diploma in a sports-related sphere. Coaching salaries vary and often depend on the size and status of a team.

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