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Breaking wedding guest dress rules

May 6, 2020 3:31 pm


Deciding what outfit to wear as a wedding guest can be both fun and frustrating, as we manoeuvre our way through the various fashion rules in place for wedding guests. Could we, however, be missing a trick? Perhaps learning to break the rules could result in some inspired outfit choices. Here are four rules that people are starting to overlook:

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Do not wear white or black

Black has traditionally been associated with mourning and wedding guest dresses in white or cream are considered to either look too much like the bride or to suggest that you actually want to be the bride. Either way, outfit choices in these colours were always thought to be off limits. However, white and black can be glamorous, formal and versatile and many weddings now have a black tie theme. Model Cara Delevingne wore cream as bridesmaid for her sister. Actually, cream or white dresses were traditional colours for bridesmaids and are now starting to see a comeback. It has even been known for a bride to ask her guests to wear their old wedding dresses.

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You must wear a hat to a wedding

Although a hat can add a touch of elegance, a lot of women feel more comfortable without one, for various reasons including taste, comfort or because they prefer their clothes to be the main focus. A good compromise is wearing a fascinator, which is a very popular choice. Many celebrities are choosing to go down this route.

Never wear the same outfit twice

With the growing trend of social media, we are wary of wearing the same outfit twice, perhaps due to a worry of what others will think of this. However, if the look is amazing on you, why limit yourself to only one wear? You can keep it exciting and different using accessories and you’ll look fabulous every time. Farah Shirts inspiration can be found at https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah

Shoes must be venue appropriate and practical

Although it may be more sensible to wear block heels for a wedding that is outdoors, going to a wedding is the one time we can really go for it and, if that involves wearing a gorgeous pair of high stilettos for one day, then enjoy it. You may just want to have some flats as a backup in your bag!


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