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Who Does a Building Survey?

April 7, 2021 4:18 pm


A building survey is a routine inspection performed by a building surveyor on a property to identify any defects in the structure and to gain an estimate of the cost of repair. The objective of the survey is to help the owner make informed decisions about the possible repairs and what to do in the event of structural damage, so that the property’s value doesn’t decline. You can get Building Survey Chelmsford experts Sam Conveyancing to have a look for you.

Most buildings have a history of damage, and the surveyor will record it so that subsequent repairs are not undertaken at a higher risk of failure than they would otherwise have been. By gathering together the information about the building and then comparing this with the owner’s records, the surveyor is then able to give a more accurate picture of the likely costs of repairs.

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There are many different kinds of building surveys, and each one requires its own format. Some surveys simply record the condition of the building, such as whether it needs paint or wallpaper, and if it needs refurbishing. Other surveys require extensive detailed documentation, such as interviewing builders and other staff who work on the property, searching through the interior and exterior of the building and interviewing potential buyers. Of course, all of this information and documentation is of great value to the owner and can help them make informed decisions about their building. When undertaken correctly, building surveys can be very useful to owners who are considering selling their property, or even passing it onto a future buyer.



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