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Clothing Textures and How to Mix and Match Them

August 27, 2020 6:58 am


Experiment with mixing and matching clothing textures to get a great range of styles to suit the occasion. Understanding clothing textures and how to mix them can give you a look that’s glamorous and luxurious using soft satins or rugged and casual coarser woven knits and fabrics.

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Mixing and matching the two can give you flexibility so that you can add or discard layers to change the style.

Here are some ideas of how to mix and match your textures to get the best look.

Match Colours and Textures

Matching textures works in many ways, like matching colours and taking plain and simple textures to help more eye-catching textures stand out. For example, try matching denim jeans with chunky Aran sweaters for a rugged all-time classic look that says casual but stylish.

Understand the Occasion

Different textures can be combined to suit the occasion. Denim jeans can be casual and informal, but when paired with a luxurious fabric such as a silk top or smart cotton shirt the look becomes more sophisticated, suited for a more formal occasion where style and elegance are needed.

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Less Is More

Try to stick to neutral colours when mixing and matching textures. Too many contrasting colours and textures will create a look that’s too busy, and you won’t get the well co-ordinated look that you’re looking for.

Different Styles and Textures

Taking traditional styles such as Aran sweaters means you can experiment with the classic look. Sites such as Shamrockgift.com have a great range of styles with the sweaters having different necklines with shawl collars, round collars, cardigans and sweaters and even sweaters that have zips and hoods and pockets for that more relaxed and practical look.


Having a good staple wardrobe with sweaters and jeans and more formal clothes means you can experiment to get the look you need. Try mixing and matching denim, leather, silk, corduroy, wool and cotton. A good range of quality staple items gives you great scope to combine garments to get different looks and styles that can be dressed up or down for the occasion.


Adding accessories of different textures will give that finishing touch to an outfit. A rugged outdoor scarf or hat gives a classic country look, or a soft silk scarf gives a splash of glamour and style to add a note of elegance.

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