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Creative and cost efficient ways to avoid the housing crisis

August 28, 2020 5:43 pm


With prices remaining high for homes across the UK, people are turning to creative ideas to help ward off costs associated with traditional brick-and-mortar houses. From houseboats to vans and shipping containers, inhabitants are keen to show that this style of living is perfectly possible.

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Houseboat living can be fulfilling

Living on a houseboat can be romantic, peaceful and fulfilling, and with no stamp duty to pay, it has become a very attractive option. Permanent moorings, especially around London, are expensive, so if you do not want to commit to permanent mooring, you might consider ‘continuous cruising’. To obtain a continuous cruising licence, it is essential to move the boat and dock it in a different place every two weeks. You must also cover 20 miles during the year.

Convert a van into a home

If you are not too keen on spending your money on a bricks-and-mortar home, you can invest the cash in a van. It is possible to convert a van into living quarters by installing a simple kitchen, a bed, a shower and a toilet. Similar to a camper van, the traditional handyman’s van serves as good a purpose and you can enjoy the nomadic lifestyle.

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Live as a property guardian

Doing a good turn can enable you to enjoy a roof over your head as a property guardian. The idea is to take lodging in someone’s house while they are away in a bid to prevent squatting and burglaries. Inhabiting someone’s home means you can also ensure the utilities are used regularly. It does mean, however, that you will have to hop from home to home.

Park life is popular with retirees who are drawn to locations that are peaceful and picturesque. Wiltshire park homes are popular with the over-50s who like the tranquillity and landscape and appreciate the proximity to local amenities. Retirees can click here to get more information about the homes and all that the park has to offer.

Shipping containers are modern and stylish

A shipping container can provide a green, affordable lifestyle, and you can be the envy of many with a modern home. They are durable and versatile as well as long-lasting. Buyers are drawn to the low cost, and the industrial look can be maintained as part of a fresh and cool interior.

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