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Four Tips For Dressing Well At Any Age

January 6, 2022 5:10 am


No longer seen as just the preserve of women, dressing with flair is now equally important to many men. Yet with so many hot fashion trends now available to men looking to find their signature look, it can be tricky to determine what truly makes for a stylish appearance. Read on to discover our four tips for dressing well, whatever your age.

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One- Fit Comes First

The golden rule for looking stylish at any age is ensuring that your clothes fit properly, as it instantly creates a refined, well put-together look. A good retailer such as EJ Menswear will offer a range of styles and sizes to suit a variety of body types, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit. If you can have your clothes altered especially for you, so much the better. This can be as simple as having hems adjusted for an optimum length.

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Two- Dress For Your Lifestyle

There’s never been a better time to have fun with fashion, as the latest trends show. Yet if you want to be sure of looking good, pick a style that reflects your lifestyle. Gym lovers might look great in tight sportswear, whilst others may be better suited to smart/casual hybrid looks that translate easily between the office and the weekend. You can always add an element of fun with a quirky accessory, such as a bold scarf or pair of glasses.

Three- Choose Hardworking Pieces

Multi-tasking should be your mantra when buying new items of clothing, especially if you want to develop a distinctive signature look. Instead of splashing out on several inexpensive jackets in different styles, pool your money to buy a high quality classic such as a wool pea coat by Ralph Lauren Menswear, which will take you from the boardroom to country strolls whilst always looking elegant and on-trend for many years to come.

Four – Keep It Comfortable

It’s simple but true – if you aren’t comfortable in your outfit, then you won’t be able to relax whilst wearing it, and, as a result, you will appear awkward no matter what expensive designer ensemble you may be sporting. And, on the flip-side, if you are comfortable in your clothes you will likely appear more confident, which in itself can instantly elevate even the most understated outfit and leave you looking just right.

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