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Five Essential Jackets for Your Wardrobe

September 6, 2021 3:17 pm


Now that restrictions are beginning to ease, most of us have no choice but to face the realisation that we have been neglecting our fashion choices. A lot of us have been lucky enough to work from home, and that means no more wearing of suits for the office.

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Many of us are now feeling that we need to update the wardrobe a little bit, whether you have been one of those who have taken up exercise, or you have piled on a stone or two and now need new clothes for that reason. Now is the time to treat yourself, and there are few better treats than Tommy Hilfiger jackets.

Mens Tommy Hilfiger jackets

Tommy Hilfiger is a name which comes with certain expectations. Buyers who look to this iconic brand expect quality and durability to last for years and years. We have compiled a list of five essential styles of jacket that every man needs to own.

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This is the casual lightweight jacket, often waterproof, that can be slung on over anything. Whether you are walking the dog or going on a summer hike, the windbreaker is a fabulously versatile jacket.


A leather jacket in black or a shade of brown is the ultimate in classic styling. For longevity, opt for a style which is free from any decoration, and keep the lines clean to really show off the quality material.


The bomber-style jacket is another timeless classic. These can be designed to keep you warm in the colder months by using thicker materials or kept lighter for comfort during the warmer summer season.


Picking a winter jacket should be all about comfort and warmth. Tommy Hilfiger offer winter jackets which will not only keep you warm but look fantastic too.


Finally, everyone needs a well-cut suit jacket. Whether you save it for special occasions or team it with a pair of jeans, make sure you pick a jacket in a neutral colour to match with many other items in your wardrobe.


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