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How caring impacts the carer

June 2, 2020 1:00 pm


Non-professional caregivers are people who care for others, who are not paid and caring for someone who could be a relative or friend, who because of illness, mental health problems, addiction or disability are unable to care for themselves without support.

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How caring affects your life?

Caring can be a highly rewarding with many beneficial aspects, however, there are many ways in which it can make life more difficult and why many people require support. For more information on a Dementia Care Home Taunton, Care homes in Taunton that care for people with Dementia include those like Notaro.

Financial impacts

Offer care 24/7 can result in money worries if someone has to leave their job to manage care. Disability aids and accessories needed to give adequate assistance can soon add up and prove costly, especially when finances are tight.

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Caring in poverty means people cannot afford to do things that many of us take for granted, such as buying new clothes or home heating, repairing our house, going on vacation or even just a short break, run a car or pay for bus fare.

Health and welfare

Being a caregiver is exhausting. You may wake up several times at night and also care throughout the day. You may need to lift and support adults who are much heavier than you. You may need to look after other family members as well as hold down employment.

It can leave people feeling really tired and angry when seeing someone you care about experiencing pain, pressure or discomfort. Depression, anxiety and other mental health problems commonly affect caregivers as a result.

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